Vertical industrial tank, for transport and storage of liquids.

Suitable for industrial and retail use, improved chemical resistance.

Standard equipped with lid and spine.

Available in standard and custom versions.

CodeVersionDimensionVolumeCover ØWeightMaterialColor
0051312VIT 60d415xh60060 l160 mm5 kgPE-HDRQST
0051313VIT 75600X470X43075 l160 mm6,5 kgPE-HDRQST
005134VIT 100690X500X460100 l160 mm9 kgPE-HDRQST
0051316VIT 200580X640X630200 l160 mm12 kgPE-HDRQST
0051318VIT 300750X640X640300 l160 mm16 kgPE-HDRQST
0051366VIT 500920X700X710500 l160 mm24 kgPE-HDRQST

Please contact our technical office to check compatibility with Pensito pallets.