Cylindrical container in a various range of sizes, intended to be used for storage of liquids and bulk materials.

Suitable for industrial and retail use in food industry.

Available also in special versions.

0051278CC 40d380xh41040 l4 kgPE-HDRQST
0051279CC 60d380xh59560 l4,8 kgPE-HDRQST
0051280CC 80d450xh54080 l6 kgPE-HDRQST
0051282CC 100d450xh720100 l7,5 kgPE-HDRQST
0051284CC 120d530xh630120 l12 kgPE-HDRQST
0051285CC 200d650Xh650200 l16 kgPE-HDRQST
0051286CC 210d550xh970210 l16,5 kgPE-HDRQST
0051288CC 300d650Xh970300 l22 kgPE-HDRQST
0051291CC 400d770xh980400 l28 kgPE-HDRQST
0051289CC 500d850xh915500 l34 kgPE-HDRQST
0051292CC 750d1070XH915750 l40 kgPE-HDRQST
0051304CC 2500Nd1580XH13702500 l72 kgPE-HDRQST


CodeVersionDimension ΦMaterialColor
0051257 LID 40-60 430PE-HDRQST
0051255LID 80-100500PE-HDRQST
0051256LID 120600PE-HDRQST
006258LID 210600PE-HDRQST
0051262LID 500930PE-HDRQST
0051268LID 25001695PE-HDRQST